Loitering with intent

The Independent ‘Midweek’ magazine, August 13 1992 It’s only a short step from the playing fields of Eton to the killing fields of London.  Nicky Charlish meets shadowy crime writer Derek Raymond  “The hardest part with these memoirs is the effort to be honest – there is too great a divergence between my relatively unstained […]

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Derek Raymond’s South Circular

A personal tribute to the urban commentary of Robin Cook by Andrew Stevens (site administrator) I knocked at a second-floor flat in a dreary house, one of two hundred in a dreary Catford street. After a while I heard steps the other side of the door.  ‘McGruder?’ ‘Who’s that?’ said a man’s voice. ‘Who wants […]

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This site has been put together to consolidate and build upon what already exists on the internet about the English noir writer Derek Raymond.  It is not ‘official’ and does not seek to be definitive, though it has been put together with a lot of affection and admiration.

If you have any queries about the content then please contact the site administrator.



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